Stick Season

There’s a marginally popular song today where some guy whines about how it’s stick season in Vermont and that he’s sad because his friends are gone and his girlfriend dumped … Read more

Pier 501 Sells

I’m thrilled to have completed the transaction at pier 501 in Fontana. This sale is the fourth lakefront sale on Geneva to close over $9.5M in the past eight months, … Read more

Lake Geneva Cash Deals

While some are busy struggling to explain how property taxes work, let’s discuss the actual Lake Geneva market. Maybe someday I’ll write an article on how property insurance works, but … Read more

2023 Year End Review

After a decline in 2022 that was likely caused by limited inventory, our overall lakefront sales volume rebounded in 2023 to nearly match the cycle high set in 2021. Most … Read more


Many years ago I rented a condo on Siesta Key. My son was a baby and my business was seasonal, so it made good sense to spend most of the … Read more

Villa Hortensia Sells

One of the interesting things about cliches is that they only become cliches because they’re used very often. And one of the reasons they’re used very often is because they’re … Read more

Burr Oaks Farm Sells

In case you couldn’t tell, this was a really special property. I was proud to represent this lovely seller and their stunning farm. Sometimes selling a property isn’t an easy … Read more

Lake Geneva Market Update

I’m bored with this market. That’s why I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like to. Boredom. But it’s more than boredom, it’s irritation. That’s it, bored irritation. The … Read more

Sales Trends

If a condo sells because a buyer wasn’t particularly well informed, does this mean every condo should be priced based on the cemented reality of that one sale? If a … Read more

Market Discussion

When I talk about the mood of the market, what exactly am I talking about? What is the market? The Market. It’s a meeting of the minds. A disagreement. A … Read more


If you were a buyer in 2002 and you called me to look for an entry level lakefront home, we would have been able to secure private frontage between $900,000 … Read more

Lake Geneva Market Update

It’s summer 2022 and the lakefront market at Lake Geneva is behaving itself. New inventory is hard to find and existing inventory has been picked over. So what’s next?

The Wall Street Journal

Imagine writing an article on the 1982 baseball season with a specific focus on stolen bases and not interviewing Ricky Henderson. That’s what the freelancers at the Wall Street Journal … Read more

Short The Market

There are many reasons that I’m worse at my job than I otherwise could be. One reason is that I really don’t like working on the weekends. It’s a pretty … Read more


It’s been said that patience is a virtue. If you’re trying to teach math to a child, or trying to train a dog to balance a cookie on its nose, … Read more

South Lakeshore Drive Sells

Another lakefront sale, another lakefront transaction completed off market. If you want to know what’s happening on the lakefront, you have to work with the lakefront leader.

Lake Geneva Lakefront Homes For Sale

Walcowis Sells

There’s this road on the south side of the lake whose name generates some interesting commentary and even more interesting pronunciations. Walcowis. If you think it derived from an ancient … Read more

Birches Sells

My latest lakefront sale, this one in the Birches. Proof the market tends to avoid what it would rather not understand.

Bad Decisions

Hot markets make buyers do terrible things. Don’t do those things. You can easily void making these mistakes by focusing on one thing and one thing only.

The New Math

Lake Geneva new construction costs. A discussion of how it all might make sense, and how increasingly no one really cares if it does.

South Shore Club Sells

Looking for inventory in the South Shore Club? So was this buyer. He asked me to find a home for him, and last week we closed. Sometimes, it really is that simple.