Geneva Lakefront Realty is a full service real estate brokerage serving the Lake Geneva real estate market. That’s the only market we serve. If you’ve found this site and you’re looking for property in Elkhorn, please return to Google and keep searching. If, however, you’re keen on transforming your weekends by way of a Lake Geneva vacation home, then you’ve found your new broker.  Founded by Craig Curry in 1977 as a part time business, the model sought to sell Lake Geneva vacation homes, and Lake Geneva vacation homes only.  That passion to serve just one narrow market segment has yielded remarkable results.

David C. Curry grew up in Williams Bay, in a brown Dutch Colonial house at the end of Upper Loch Vista Drive.  In 1996, he joined Geneva Lakefront Realty.  It was around that time that Herb, of Herb’s Gas Station, offered up an unsolicited prediction:  David wouldn’t have much success because he was too young.  After plodding through the market for the decade that followed, David decided to refocus the efforts of the business on the market that it was originally founded to serve: The lakefront and lake access market on Geneva Lake.

Since the start of 2010, David has closed more than $620,000,0000 in sales, nearly every one of those transactions involving Lake Geneva vacation homes.  He has been the top producing agent in Walworth County for six years in a row, and 7 of the past 8 years.  He’s been the top producing agent in the State of Wisconsin for three of the past six years, most recently in 2021.  He has written and printed Summer Homes For City People for the past thirteen consecutive years, and writes his widely read Lake Geneva real estate blog. His ability to articulate market trends has added much needed transparency to price discovery in the Lake Geneva market.   He uses the forum to provide insightful commentary as to the ever-changing state of the vacation home market, and to remind his clients that the goal of every negotiation is to win.

David lives with his wife Michele and their two children, Thomas and May, on their Walworth Township farm. It’s not really a farm, of course, but there are some dogs, a gravel drive (Update: it has been paved),  a few chickens (Update: the neighborhood fox has eaten them all), and at least one large tractor (there are now two tractors), so it’s sort of a farm.    David enjoys boating, tennis, sailing and fly fishing.  He used to serve on the board of the Geneva Lake Conservancy but discovered he was allergic to summer Saturday meetings. He can be found most summer days somewhere around the lake, or perhaps in it, and in the winter you’ll find him playing tennis at the Grand Geneva or occasionally chopping wood at his sort-of-farm. He is a dominant ping pong player, routinely beating his 19 year old son, most of the time. But most of all, he’d like to be your next agent.

To schedule a meeting with David about either buy or sell side representation, please email him.

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