Brokerages that divide their time selling homes of all varieties can’t really understand what it is that we do here. We only sell Lake Geneva vacation homes.  That’s it. Nothing else.  That narrow focus has led to unprecedented results.

We find success by celebrating your lake home and the lifestyle we know it affords. We create a narrative that compels. We shoot unrivaled videos to market your property (like this one here). We have professional photographers that provide the visual cues to our marketing story. We leverage connections with reporters to gain media exposure for your property.  We understand that local print ads are placed to attract sellers, not buyers. That’s why we approach the buyers where they live and where they work, and we do this by utilizing the formula that has proven itself effective time and time again.

We’ll help you understand how your home fits into our market, then we’ll help you position it to capture your target buyer. It should be obvious who that target buyer is, but we’ve found success in knowing what the other firms don’t. Any agent can sit back and wait for a buyer to wander in, but we actively pursue buyers through intense social media advertising, direct mail, video advertising, strategic referral partnerships, and more.

Since 2010, David Curry’s closed volume is in excess of $374,000,000, a tally that leads individual agents in Walworth County market over that period.  David’s average sales price  ($1.3MM+) is also the highest in Walworth County since 2010 (1/1/10-09/01/2020). His 2016 volume of $62,000,000 is the most ever sold by an individual agent in Walworth County in one calendar year (and the top agent in the state of Wisconsin for that year).  David has been the top producing Walworth County agent (dollar volume) for 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

As you can see, we have plenty of company in our desire to work for you, but very little competition. Selling Lake Geneva? We’d love to represent you and your property. 

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It’s rather humbling to put these address and these sales prices all in one place like this. But the simple truth is that Geneva Lakefront Realty is not just a cliched business name, it’s also a business model and a mission statement. You have plenty of choices for representation in this market, but wouldn’t it be wise to choose the Lake Geneva company with this most outstanding track record?  Local representation with a narrow focus yields incredible results, and in this case, over $322,000,000 worth (since 2010).

  • W4396 Basswood, Linn $7,200,000
  • 389 North Lake Shore Drive, Fontana $6,950,000
  • 1905 North Lake Shore Drive, Fontana $3,730,000
  • 552 Sauk Trail, Fontana $4,999,900
  • 246 Circle Parkway, Williams Bay $1,820,000
  • 250 Circle Parkway, Williams Bay $2,775,000
  • 254 Circle Parkway, Williams Bay $2,595,000
  • W3252 Park Drive, Linn $2,100,000
  • 1100C South Lakeshore Dr,  Fontana $3,700,000
  • N1621 East Lakeside Lane Linn $3,575,000
  • N1878 Black Point Drive,  Linn $3,250,000
  • 1554 North Oak Shores,  Linn $3,100,000
  • 2224 North Bonnie Brae,  Linn $3,005,000
  • 976 South Lakeshore,  Fontana $2,950,000
  • 507 North Lakeshore,  Fontana $2,850,000
  • N2201 Bonnie Brae Lane, Linn  $2,650,000
  • 1100E South Lakeshore Dr,  Fontana $2,475,000
  • 412 Harvard Avenue,  Fontana $2,269,000
  • N1595 East Lakeside Lane,  Linn $2,150,000
  • Lot 7 Loramoor,  Linn $2,000,000
  • W2904 Hollybush Drive,  Linn $2,000,000
  • N2319 Geneva Oaks Trail,  Linn $1,925,000
  • W4190 Southland Road,  Linn $1,925,000
  • 60 Oak Birch,  Williams Bay $1,810,000
  • 1588 North Lakeside Lane,  Linn $1,800,000
  • 1599 East Lakeside Lane,  Linn $1,725,000
  • N2280 Folly Lane,  Linn $1,650,000
  • 6 Upper Loch Vista Drive,  Williams Bay $1,610,000
  • 1530 North Lakeshore Dr,  Lake Geneva $1,530,000
  • 274 Sylvan Lane, Fontana $1,495,000
  • N1546 Forest Hill Court, Linn  $1,450,000
  • 190 Circle Parkway,  Williams Bay $1,440,000
  • N1611 Shadow Lane, Linn   $1,400,000
  • 1540 Lakeshore Drive,  Lake Geneva $1,335,000
  • 556 Sauk Trail,  Fontana $1,313,000
  • 7 Dartmouth Road, Williams Bay $1,225,000
  • 66 Oak Birch,  Williams Bay $1,225,000
  • 517 Seaver Lane, Lake Geneva $1,195,000
  • 1014 South Lakeshore Drive, Fontana $7,350,000
  • W3821 Creek Lane,  Linn $5,195,000
  • 1014 South Lakeshore Drive,  Fontana $5,885,000
  • W4437 North Lakeshore Drive, Linn $3,930,000
  • 880 South Lakeshore Drive 1-RL, Linn $5,995,000
  • 976 South Lakeshore Drive, Fontana $3,300,000
  • W4449 North Lakeshore Drive, Linn $9,950,000
  • W3298 Park Drive, Linn $1,200,000
  • W4116 Lakeview Drive, Linn $925,000
  • 700 South Lakeshore Drive, Lake Geneva $5,900,000
  • N2270 Folly Lane, Linn  $7,400,000
  • W4160 Jerseyhurst Lane, Linn  $2,750,000
  • N1619 East Lakeside Lane, Linn $4,175,000