Williams Bay Tornado

That was quite a storm last night, perhaps the worst one I’ve seen here. Some meaningful tree damage on the village lakefront in Williams Bay and around the lake, but most of the area sustained very little property damage. A few limbs on houses, a few limbs on cars, and one very big tree taking a damaging lean into the old George Williams College Pro Shop, but not much more. Some lakeside damage to Cedar Point (one parkway took a rather direct hit) and a few canopies and shore stations are tangled up. If you’re not here this week, be sure to tell your lawn guys to pick up some tree limbs and fish your pier furniture out of the lake…

Update June 25th: The damage within the path of the two tornados was more significant than I initially thought. While most of the damage is limited to trees and landscaping, more than a few home took hits from trees or large limbs. It’s a bit of a mess out there, so here’s to praying for a stretch of dry weather to allow the clean up crews to do their jobs.

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