A collection of Lake Geneva's finest properties.



Fair Oaks

Sold! Sea grass limestone and white oak floors (with a break for wool in a guest suite or two) run throughout the more than 11,000 square feet of this home.  A main floor master suite on the east end of the home is warmed by one of the home’s five masonry fireplaces. If you sit in the great room, your gaze isn’t quite sure where to wander. You could find the fireplace, with it’s cut-limestone surround. Or you could look to the obvious, through the huge lakeside windows and onto that divine lake. Or up, to the white oak walls and Douglas Fir balcony. Or away from the lake and the fire, and onto the serene driveway side, with that steel atrium and the custom fixtures that illuminate. In spite of these views, this home isn’t really something you see as it is something you feel. $10,995,000

Just Sold! Off market transactions are common place at Lake Geneva, and this is another example of how those transactions work. A buyer in the know found this lovely south shore lakefront home and completed the transaction off market. If you’d like to know more about exclusive opportunities like this one, please reach out to David Curry to discuss. Likewise, if you’re a seller and like the idea of finding your buyer direct in an off market fashion without the traditional hassles of an open market listing, David is here to help.

Sold! Once in a great while, a property is presented to the market that is so known, so revered, so celebrated, that no superlative description is required. These are the legacy properties that occupy not only the finest lots on the best streets and feature the highest grade architecture and finishes, these are the iconic properties that are so respected because of both what they are and what they represent. Today, for what is believed to be only the third time in its 115 year history, Glanworth Gardens, the preeminent estate on the premier lake in the Midwest, is being offered for sale. Replete with 40 acres of gardens and forest, 621+ feet of level frontage, and featuring an estate home with 14,145 square feet, this is the preeminent lakefront home in the premier lake in the Midwest. $39,250,000

Sold! This magnificent home on Geneva’s leeward south shore was constructed by Fischer Fine Homes to an exacting standard.   The kitchen is refined and classic, a testament to Christopher Peacock and his fine custom cabinet builders. The light fixtures are timeless, just as you’d expect from Holly Hunt and Visual Comfort.  An east-coast inspired cedar shingle exterior and a machine cut cedar shake roof clad the exterior. The 7200+ square feet of finished square footage is without flaw. From the bluestone front entry to the handsome office off of the master suite, there is nothing lacking. The home is uniformly stylish.  It’s a perfect lakefront home, with wide lake views on a deliciously deep 2.26 acre lot and 98.5’ of private frontage.   In what I imagine was not an easy decision to make, the original owners are offering it to the market today for $6,695,000.  

Just Sold! Solar Lane is an incredible property on the south shore, just to the East of Lackey Lane. Two homes on two tax keys with 95′ of frontage and 3.6+ acres. Enjoy your weekends here in this lovely lakefront property that offers flexibility to renovate, rebuild, or enjoy exactly as is. A beautiful location on the south shore tucked into a slight leeward bay and adjacent a sprawling estate.  $4,395,000

Sold! Welcome to this enchanting English Tudor in the highly desirable Geneva Manor neighborhood. This handsome home boasts an incredibly rare double lot, offering immense privacy and the potential to add a pool (buyer to verify). Double course brick construction with hand split cedar shake combine with many original steel windows and mature perennial landscaping to deliver a most remarkable three bedroom, three bathroom home. While many homes fell victim to the renovation follies of the 1970s and 1980s, this home has maintained most of its original character, while still offering an updated kitchen and master suite. Stroll to the lakefront park with summer lifeguard and sought-after sand beach, or walk the path to town. $879,000

Just Sold! Incredibly rare parcel on Geneva’s south shore. This property has 299′ of frontage and nearly 2 acres in overall depth. The existing home is charming and spacious, with hardwood floors, masonry fireplace, and a three car garage. At the lakefront you’ll find a coveted boathouse, large two-slip pier, and incredible privacy. You can use the home as is, update the home into something incredible, or tear down and build from scratch on this ultra-wide parcel. Westerly exposure for wide-water views and perfectly framed sunsets. Westerly portion of the parcel is in conservancy and cannot be built on, but the remaining space will accommodate a magnificent new home. $3,990,000

Just Sold! A taste of Martha’s Vineyard in Lake Geneva! A remarkably flexible floor plan combines with classic lake-house finishes to create a stylish lakefront home in a coveted location. With 124′ of level frontage and a large wooded lot you’ll find rare privacy in this exciting location. Vintage charm abounds with shiplap walls and ceilings, hickory floors, and many custom light fixtures from the Northeast. You’re going to love the first floor bedroom suite, large second floor master, and incredible bunk rooms capable of sleeping pretty much everyone. Three garage doors with four+ cars worth of storage. Large lakeside porch with electric screens opens onto an even larger stone patio with built in grill. Enjoy your weekends in style at 9 Hillside Drive. $5,950,000

Geneva Lakefront Price Per Foot

It's not the best way to determine value, but it helps.

Value discovery in Lake Geneva is remarkably nuanced. This is why your choice in representation matters so much. The market is positioned to highly value the Price Per Foot statistic, which we display for you here. But there’s much more to the market than just this simplistic understanding of value. Work with us to better understand how each section of shoreline should come with its own expectation of value.

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