It’s awfully sweet of these clients to say such nice things.

In the summer of 2020, my wife and I, alongside our children, had the single greatest vacation of our lives, in a small airbnb near Lake Geneva. We fell in love with the lake, the architecture, the town, the people. We assumed that finding a permanent residence on the lake would be to subject ourselves to continual bidding wars, disappointment, exhaustion and more. A friend who had bought his home through David Curry was adamant that we meet. And he was right. David is hands down the single most talented broker we have ever encountered. He made every hour, every tour, every discussion a lively, enjoyable, fun learning experience. In spite of the market’s relative insanity, we were insulated. David has an extraordinary instinct for market dynamics and timing; we never felt any pressure in spite of a red hot market until David’s radar sensed we might lose an opportunity we loved. He cares for his clients in a manner that extends far beyond the transaction. We ultimately purchased the perfect home for us: ample room for hosting, a short walk into town to delight our children, and within a price range that wouldn’t overwhelm us. To this day, I don’t know how he did it. You’d be crazy to trust anyone else.

SE, Chicago


David, We both feel that you are one of the most impressive individuals we have worked with — no qualifications. Professionally you were brilliant — your advice spot on — and personally you are fun, charming and seem to truly care that your clients are happy with the outcomes. This last point says it all for me and was always at the center of everything I ever attempted. Thank you for making a difficult decision easy, and a painful process painless. 

Susan, Chicago


I have been buying and selling real estate for many years. From my personal experience, I can say most realtors follow the same pattern of listing, advertising and showing a house. They rely solely on their “For Sale” signs, web sites and regional publications to market the house. Then, they sit and wait for someone to call. When they do show the house, they offer little effort in actually trying to sell the buyer on why this house is unique and the right house for them.

When their minimum efforts don’t yield results, they immediately want the owner to reduce the price. It is always the price and never their efforts (or lack thereof) for why the house won’t sell.

Working with David Curry was a refreshing and pleasant change for me. David met with me and listened intently to what I had to say about pricing and the unique attributes that made our property special.

David did not rely solely on putting pictures in local publications, instead he networked with his many contacts to find the right buyer for our property. In a matter of weeks, he brought me several offers.

David was then instrumental in helping me through the offers, the negotiation, the house inspection and the closing process. He is a wealth of knowledge and he gets the job done with perfection.

Through 40 years of buying and selling real estate, David is the best realtor I have ever known.

Scott and Amy
Lake Geneva

My wife and I have purchased numerous homes around the country. David is by far the best realtor that we have ever worked with. David is honest, to the point, didn’t waste our time, and made us laugh along the way. David understood what our priorities were and was a voice of reason when our emotions tried to lead us to overspend. We are thankful for his guidance and ultimately for helping us find our spot at the lake.

Jeff and Lisa
Indianapolis, IN

When it was time to sell our family’s lakefront home, I knew that it would take a focused, committed, patient broker to market our large and unusual home in a way that would reflect and preserve its significant value. We had listed it before with a large local realty’s top seller and the listing expired without a showing, so we knew it would take an unusually gifted and committed broker to attract the right buyer.

After seeing David’s “Summer Homes for City People” magazine, we felt that David was the right broker to market the unique beauty of our home. David tailored his marketing plan to our property’s needs, generated several key placements in national publications, and networked extensively, all of which was key to finding the right buyer for our home.

Our lawyer said that our sale was possibly the most complex real estate transaction he had ever been party to and I believe it. Through the tough negotiations that ensued, the ups and downs with our buyer and their broker, and a period of turbulence and uncertainty, David was tenacious and got us over the finish line with a full price cash deal.

David is “all in” when he’s your broker. He brings unparalleled market credibility to the table and is laser-focused on getting your deal done in a way that meets your highest expectations. I sincerely believe that no other agent could have delivered us the value we knew our home was worth like David. I know this because we burned time with other agents for who were unwilling to invest the time and lacked the creativity and drive that it would take to properly market and sell our home. Our family will always be grateful for David’s help.

We’re back in the market for a smaller home on the lake and there’s nobody else that I would work with for this new adventure but David.

Guita B. 
Chicago, IL

Dave was wonderful to work with for our Lake Geneva search. The first time we met Dave he spent several hours with us and gave us a full market overview, what types of homes we would find in our range and pros and cons of different parts of the lake. He kept us apprised of every house that came on the market that fit our criteria and kept us laughing throughout our search. We couldn’t be happier with Dave and our new Lake Geneva home!

Joe and Molly
Chicago, IL

Having built a home in Lake Geneva 5 years ago, my family and I decided it was time to explore the possibility of moving onto the lake. After never receiving a return phone call from our former broker, we decided to take action into our own hands. We researched on line and set an appointment at a house we believed had potential. That house wasn’t for us but we did meet Dave Curry. He listened to us, understood what kind of house we wanted, educated us on the market and appreciated our time schedule. Within a few months, we bought a beautiful lot on the lake and plan to build this summer. Dave was helpful, thoughtful, patient and has become a good friend with honest advice.

John and Sarah
Chicago, IL

David did a fantastic job in helping us find our lakefront home.  His knowledge of Lake Geneva lake front nuances is unique and of tremendous value to his clients. Being new to the market, he advised against numerous offers until a property was available that made sense for our family and represented long term value. In retrospect, we can appreciate just how right his advice was. There is a reason that David is regarded as the premier agent in the Lake Geneva market.  Knowledgeable, honest and hands down the most fun realtor you can work with. 

Ryan and Tonya
Lake Geneva, WI

Dave and his staff at Geneva Lakefront Realty are a pleasure to work with. Dave is very knowledgeable especially with the high-end market, and provides excellent advice for anyone on either side of the real estate transaction. He is always a step ahead of the competition.

Nick and Deb
Naples, FL

In 2013, after 25 years in a lake access association, David Curry helped my wife Kathy and I purchase our first true Geneva lakefront home. He quickly sold our family’s association home and we enjoyed 3 years of lakefront bliss. Last year, with the help of David, we pursued and purchased a beautiful property on which to build our dream retirement home. Though the thought of concurrently owning two lakefront homes was daunting, David’s expertise in managing our previous purchase and sale gave us the confidence to take the leap. In a few short weeks David sold our home, and we just as quickly thereafter started our new home construction. As a testament to David’s presence on Geneva Lake, our new small street has seen 2 other lakefront homes purchased in the last 12 months, and David sold both of them. Every single property around Geneva Lake is unique, and having worked with David for the last five years I can attest that he knows every street, every association, and literally every home in the lakefront/lake access market. His intimate knowledge of this market allows him to navigate its many complexities, but I believe his lifelong love and passion for Geneva Lake is what truly differentiates him and drives him to consistently be the lake’s top producing agent. As such, I would never consider anyone else for my Geneva Lake real estate needs. 

Jim and Kathy
Barrington, IL

Real estate pricing can be opaque and seemingly random. David understands the subtle aspects of the Lake Geneva market and can make sense of the price discovery process. He also devised our negotiation strategy which resulted in our side getting the best of the transaction. There’s no better advocate to have on your side if you’re considering a lakefront purchase.

Dave & Susan
Chicago, IL

Dave was a great partner in finding our lake front Williams Bay home. He asked what our family was looking for in a vacation home and how we would use it. Combining that information with his knowledge of almost every transaction on the lake, we found the perfect house, in the area we wanted, at a closing price lower than what I would have initially offered. Our whole family is deeply grateful for Dave’s help and advice.

Mike and Jen
Arlington Heights, IL

We first came to know David through the reading of his blog. His well written words were beautifully teamed with historical perspective, savvy insights, and common sense. We were intrigued. We scheduled an appointment to view lake homes and immediately knew that we had found our Realtor. David reintroduced us to a lake that we have known as youngsters and educated us about the market, guiding us every step of the way in our ultimately successful search for a home. Hire David and you can be assured that he will listen to you, he will laugh with you, and his love and knowledge of the lake will lead you to something wonderful!

Dan and Patti
Glenview, IL

David has helped me with two lakefront purchases, and he simply knows the lakefront market better than anyone. That knowledge is why I have him currently ranked #1 in my North American Realtor Power Rankings.

Brian and Carly
Chicago, IL

In addition to thoroughly knowing the Lake Geneva vacation home market, David is smart, fair, and gets it done for his clients.

Bob and Terri
Chicago, IL

I was in the market within a six month span during 2012, seeking to acquire a Lake Geneva vacation home. My search encompassed seven lakes spanning Michigan to Wisconsin, and previewing no less than 49 homes. I ended up narrowing the search to Lake Geneva and worked with an agent for some time, with an unsuccessful search. A business contacted referred me to David as being an industry expert in the Lake Geneva market, and the rest is history. I found a great house, followed  up by referring David to two other friends who were in the market. Once purchased a lakefront home and the other one may in the future.

Chicago, IL 

David Curry is the reason we left Lake Geneva. Let me try that again.
We got to know David from avidly reading his blog and sought him out when we thought about listing our lake access home in the Spring of 2015. In that context he looked at our house a couple of times in the Fall of 2014. In late September of 2014 he told us he was working with a buyer in our general price range and asked if he could do a ‘one time showing’ of our home. To make a short story shorter, we closed on the sale two months later. We’ve bought/sold quite a few homes but this was the shortest, cleanest, easiest transaction we’ve ever had. We have some misgivings about leaving Lake Geneva but none about the way it happened. David is a rock star in our book!

Paul and Valerie
Naperville, IL

Our experience with Geneva Lakefront Realty was exceptional. Being new to the Lake Geneva market, Dave’s knowledge of the area and properties was invaluable in our search. We are now enjoying our new Summer Home and couldn’t be happier!

Bob and Penny
Wheaton, IL

Dave sold our lakefront condo for us, and we were thrilled. His salesmanship, marketing, and customer service were outstanding. We’ll use him again.

Bill and Tracy
Naperville, IL

David Curry represented us when we bought our first Lake Geneva condo in 2001 and again when we sought to step up from a condo to a single family residence in 2005. During that 4 year span David has demonstrated every trait that we insist upon in a real estate agent: impeccable integrity, a proven track record, knowledge of the area and available inventory, tenacity, diplomacy, the ability to listen to our needs, and service after the sale.  When we decided to move up to a single family, David worked with us for over 6 months to find a property that met our VERY specific requirements. When nothing came on the market, David got creative and actually sent letters to owners of homes that were NOT on the market that matched our needs. One responded and we had a signed contract within days!
Thanks for everything!

Dan and Lin
Chicago, IL

David, thank you for coming through for me in a big way ! I was losing hope that I could find the exact property that I wanted after searching on my own for 2 years. We walked through my requirements in terms of price, location and lake rights and I knew that what I asked of you would be difficult to find. But you went to work and uncovered a property that was not yet even on the market that fit exactly what I was looking for. My wife and kids are enjoying the lake and cottage and we are making great family memories.
Thank you for your help !

Brian and Beth
Park Ridge, IL

Hi David, Greg and I think you are an excellent Realtor – dedicated, responsible, knowledgeable, and honest… we appreciate all that you did…We want you to be assured that we tell everyone we know how pleased we were with your work. Thank you for sending us some of your cards. We are bringing a few of them in to our son who has said he will spread the work to anyone he runs in to who might be looking for lake area properties…We hold you very highly in our estimation and would be happy to serve as a reference should you ever need any.
Thank you for your services,

Greg and Virlyn
Geneva, IL

My husband and I just want to thank you for all your help during the whole looking and buying process. We really appreciated your quick responses about the property with all the questions we had. You went out of your way to give us references and suggestions and even the closing was easy. Again, thanks for all your help !

M. and J. Gigowski
Glen Ellyn, IL

Dave Curry assisted us in finding properties for sale in Lake Geneva. Dave listened carefully to our price range and requirements for a condo and showed us only those properties that fit our description. It only took a few visits to various developments to find exactly what we wanted. He assisted us in negotiations for the unit and we closed the deal in a short period for a fair price. Mr. Curry was honest and ethical in his dealings with us and he continued to represent our interests through closing. Dave continues to follow up with us from time to time, assisting us in a variety of ways i.e. where to purchase a boat and have in maintained, where the best restaurants are located, how to make changes to our unit and get the proper association and city permits, etc. It has been a pleasure working with Dave and he has our highest recommendation as a first class realtor.

Ron & Susie
St Charles, IL

We recommend the services of David Curry because he is quite friendly, goes the extra mile & knows the local real estate market. He helped us purchase a lakefront home in Lake Geneva as well as a condominium in town. He kept us abreast of all the stages, and we had a successful closing. We would definitely recommend him to friends & family.

Bob and Lisa
Sleepy Hollow, IL

I have worked with David Curry in both buying and selling property in Country Club Estates. David was great to work with and was very knowledgeable of the Lake Geneva area real estate market. Since he is in a smaller real estate firm, he gave us much more attention than I have received when working with larger real estate companies. I would advise anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the Lake Geneva area to give David a call.

Arlington Heights

Dave helped me in my search for, and ultimate purchase of a lakefront home in Lake Geneva. I plan on using him again in the future, and have referred friends and family to him already.
Randy S.