Lake Geneva Price Per Square Foot

That’s how the structure footage factors into value, but what about the price per square foot of land mass? This metric can be egregiously skewed from year to year, but it should still be factored in as a meaningful component when attempting to determine lakefront value. Just as with the price per front foot and the compression that exists as frontage increases, there is a similar relationship to price per acre. You can have a high quality house on a entry level sized lakefront lot and it has floor to its market value which has increased over this period. But for very large parcels of land the absolute magnitude of the value means there is a smaller population of potential buyers and thus price compression at this upper end.  The most poignant example of this market phenomenon for 2022 was the $16.5M sale on the north shore.

Information deemed reliable but in no way guaranteed. Data pulled from MLS and known sales, single family residential with private frontage only. Excludes auction sales. Data through 1/1/22-12/28/22. 

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