Dinstinctively Lake Geneva

As if Lake Geneva needed more public adulation and recognition. The National Trust for Historic Preservation named Lake Geneva to its 2009 List of America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations. What? Janesville … Read more

Sail Lake Geneva

There really isn’t anything that compares to a beautiful sailboat on a beautiful lake on a beautiful day. Coming from me, that’s quite an endorsement. You see, sailing and I … Read more

Fontana Real Estate

Over the past several years, Fontana has become the prized jewel in the Geneva Lake crown, and it’s really not hard to figure out why. On the lakefront you have … Read more

Lakefront 2008 Review

2008 was a year to remember for the Geneva Lake residental lakefront market. Not because it was particularly impressive in terms of volume, or because there were more than a … Read more

Lakefront Condo 2008 Review

I know the year isn’t over yet, but there aren’t any lakefront condominiums pending right now, and typically we have more than two days from offer acceptance to close, so … Read more

Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkuh if that’s the case. Regardless of our political, religious, or personal convictions and beliefs, there is no debating … Read more

Lakefront Sale

The listing on Basswood that I was a huge fan of has closed. The list price was $3.4MM, sale price $3.05MM. I really think the buyer bought himself a tremendous … Read more

Lake Geneva Weekend

Here’s something you often hear from residents in small towns. “There’s nothing to do here”, “It’s boring here”, “My fingers hurt”, etc. Blah, blah, blah. As if there’s so much … Read more

Abbey Ridge

If you haven’t been in the Abbey Harbor on boat, you might not have ever seen this condo development. Constructed by Anvan in 2000, all 48 units sold out in … Read more

Lakefront Condo Update

The condominium. Love it or hate it, it’s your best shot at getting front and center on Geneva Lake for the smallest possible investment. We have 10 condominium developments (multiple … Read more

New Lakefront

A new lakefront on Geneva today that you should know about. You should know about it, but I can’t tell you about it because it’s not my listing. I can … Read more

Lakefront Update

Here’s your weekly Geneva lakefront sales update. Attention big sign little experience guy in Walworth County – The lake remains Geneva Lake. The city is Lake Geneva. It’s only been … Read more

Good money after bad

I caught a headline this afternoon while driving around Lake Geneva in search of some new winter boots, and I wanted to share it with you. The story doesn’t come … Read more

Cottage with Boatslip!

A new listing tonight I have to let you know about. A two bedroom cabin in the woods. Actually, in Wooddale, an association on the South Shore of Geneva between Fontana and Lake Geneva. This cottage comes with a transferable boatslip on Geneva! At $549k, it’s the cheapest home with a boatslip on the market. This will sell, and it’ll sell quickly. The cottage is basic, but it does have a screened in porch and a great fieldstone fireplace. It does sort of look like the cabin from Fargo, but I assure you Steve Buscemi doesn’t live around here.

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We all complain. All the time. I complain about cheesy Realtors, unmotivated buyers, and Michigan, and you complain about your husband and your job. Stop lying. I heard you. We complain about our portfolios, our home values, our neighbors dog. My 94 year old grandma complains when it’s not sunny. Happy to be alive at 94? Nah, she’d rather curse the clouds. We’re a bunch of complainers, and together, a great nation of complainers. Or is it a nation of great complainers? But when you really calm down and reflect on it, we have it made. We have what everyone else wants. We have a beautiful life and, if not, we have the opportunity to make what we do have better. We’re lucky that we have Thanksgiving to give us a nice open handed slap across our spoiled puffy faces. We are blessed.

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Lakefront Update

A couple bits of lakefront news to update you on this morning. As I wrote previously, the lakefront market experienced a good deal of activity last week. Two lakefront homes went under contract (Basswood and South Lakeshore), as I correctly predicted they would. Thanks for listening to me. A new lakefront home in the 700 Club came on the market. $4.1MM. Yes, I’ll show it to you. No, you don’t have to be a personal friend of Pat Robertson to gain access. A home with lakerights in the Valley Park association near Black Point sold this week as well. Sale price was $678k, after an original ask price of $839k and a most recent presale asking price of $718k. Again, before you fear for the financial well being of these sellers, they purchased the home in 2005 for $480k.

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Lakefront Sale

Another lakefront sale on Geneva to update you on. The Elgin Club lakefront on Geneva’s north shore closed this week. Asking price? $2.15MM, sale price $1.9MM.

Elgin Club lakefront

The buyer negotiated 11% off ask, which is pretty decent for a mid-November lakefront sale. Well done buyer. Before you think the seller got beat up, consider that he purchased this property in 2005, at the height of bubble hysteria, for $1.65MM. He bought at what nationally we consider the top of the market, and still made a substantial profit. Trying doing that in Florida. Or Nevada. Or Arizona. Or Michigan. (That’s right Michigan, you heard me)

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Paradise City

There’s a beautiful ten acre lot in Linn Township with a secret. The lot will proudly show you its majestic trees and rolling terrain, but just look at it. It’d blush if it could. You know it has a dark secret that it’s dying to tell. Fine, so it’s not really a secret, but I’ll bet this will come as news to you. William Bruce Rose, Jr. owned this parcel of land. William Bruce! Can you believe it! Not ringing a bell? Nothing? Fine. W. Axl Rose. Yes, that Axl Rose. Guns N’ Roses front man, reclusive, combative rock star, Linn Township property owner. Not now, but he did own this piece of property from 1988 to 1998. A testiment to our slow market during that decade, he purchased the lot for $65k and sold it for $95k.

I remember a rumor when I was younger about Axl

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New Buffalo, you’ve got something on your chin. And on your boots. And your hat. Must be some frozen leftovers from one of your typical mid November snow storms. Stop embarrassing yourself. There’s a calm that November brings to Lake Geneva. The weekend day trippers are gone, and the lake is still. It’s a pity most people only see Geneva on summer weekends, and even then mostly in the afternoon, when the lake is whipped into a frenzy with boats and wave runners ruling the water.

I wish those people could see this place now. It’s peaceful and gray. I love it. A late fall drive around the lake affords glimpses of the water through vistas that are normally obscured by Oak and Maple trees. You can really get to know the lake during November.

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New Lakefront Listing

A new lakefront home hit the market today, and another went under contract. First, I get to revel in my most recent prediction. Basswood Drive is under contract. It’s more of a moral victory for me, seeing as how I didn’t make a penny off of calling that property the value that it is. Why didn’t you guys listen to me!? Oh, you did. I see. Something to do with the $3.4MM asking price. I don’t have that kind of money either. We’ll just be happy (hate filled)

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Lake Geneva Market Update

Customers ask me all the time where the best deals are in this market. I almost always reply that the entry level lake access market is probably primed to give up the most favorable deals for a buyer. This entry

Sailing on Geneva

level lakerights market (if you don’t know what “lakerights” means, you have to RSS this blog and catch up) consists of homes priced from $150k to $500k, but more predominantly from $300k to $400k. This price range has been particularly soft this year, as buyers for these homes shy away from making a purchase because of their confusion regarding the markets. As of today, there are 45 such entry level homes on the market. I’m betting that there just has to be a few of these sellers that really need out. Their motivation could create a wonderful value for you and your family.

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Realtors, or if you prefer, Realitors

Realtors. What a great profession we found ourselves in during the early and mid 2000’s. The business was so easy to get into that at times I’d see agents who barely knew the Lake Geneva zip code sitting at a closing on a $2MM lakefront home. The barrier to entry for our profession is obviously painfully too low, which is why from 2002-2006 the ranks of practicing Realtors grew faster than stink on gruyere. Fast forward to the waining days of 2008 and there are fewer of us fighting over even fewer sales. Yes, this is a trying market, and a trying time for everyone who supports a family by selling real estate. That was an subtle plea for more business. My kids need to eat, and they’re way too cute to go hungry.

Just as the snow is spitting outside today, I read an article

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New Lakefront Listing

There’s a new condo listing this morning to talk about. It’s a one bedroom lakefront unit at Bayshore in Williams Bay, one of only 4 lakefront one bedrooms in the development. This is a unit I know well

It’s listed with the Coldwell Banker office in Lake Geneva, but I hope I’ll be the agent to find the buyer. The unit is a one bedroom, one bath, with a list price of $439k. Yes, the price is a little heavy, but the unit fits a unique niche in the market, and allows for a vacation seeking couple to have a great little place right on the shore. There’s sort of a boatslip and there sort of isn’t. Allow me to explain. Bayshore bought

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Lakefront Activity- Delavan, Lauderdale, Geneva

Sure does seem like there are more and more lakefront listings on lakes OTHER than Geneva these days. I check the MLS for new listings at least 10 times a day, and I always see listings for Delavan and Lauderdale Lakes, and rarely for Geneva. In fact, I’ve written many times how the inventory on Geneva is considerably down from historical levels, which is true. So I researched the past 60 days of new lakefront listings this morning, figuring that I’d solidify my initial theory with some stats, and confirm at least in my own mind that I was right. Again. What I found however was surprising to me.

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New Lakefront Condominium Listings

Two new lakefront condominiums hit the market today. One at Vista Del Lago in Lake Geneva, the other at Geneva Towers. The Vista Del Lago unit is a three bedroom with boatslip, garage, and decent lakeview. Priced at $585k, it’s not too far from being a decent buy. The other unit is a completely different story. Unless the broker listed it wrong, it’s showing up as a one bedroom unit at Geneva Towers for $649k. I really hope the 6 in that price was supposed to be a 3. One bedroom

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Lakefront Update- Vacant Land

Here’s your special Sunday edition of a lakefront update. This time, I’ll update you on the Lake Geneva market involving vacant lakefront and lake access lots. It seems that I’m a bit of a pro on this subject, at least I was according to a story published in 2005. I can’t really remember giving a quote for this story, probably because back in ’05 I was busy selling real estate, instead of writing about it!

Currently we only have 30 vacant lots with lakerights

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Nothing Like Autumn at Lake Geneva

What a beautiful Fall weekend we’re experiencing.

The colors this year have been amazing, and they’ll still be lingering for another couple of weeks. That’s one of my favorite things about living here. The seasons are all beautiful, all unique, and all so very different. No L trains roaring overhead, no traffic congestion to deal with. And it’s not Door County, so our businesses aren’t all shutting down for the winter. No, it’s a beautiful

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Lakerights Market Update

A quick market update for you on this chilly autumn morning. I typically update the Geneva lakefront market, but here I’ll update you on the market involving homes with lakerights to Geneva Lake, and exclude the lakefront homes. Now, there’s much debate over what constitutes the term ‘lakerights“. My spell check tells me that it’s probably not even a real word. The term lakerights applies to homes and condominiums that have a deeded private access to the lake. The four municipalities around the lake all have access for their residents, but the vast majority of the homes

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Lakefront Update

The lakefront market on Geneva as of this morning is chugging along as usual. There are a couple of dynamite new listings on the market right now, primarily the lakefront estate on Basswood for $3.4MM. This is an amazing property, and although the MLS says that it’s active right now, I would be shocked if there weren’t offers being negotiated on this property right now. It’s a real gem. The listing in the Elgin Club for $2.150 is still pending, with an anticipated closing date in the near future.

The rest of the lakefront inventory ranges in price from $1.6MM to

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Village of Uncommon Sense

The Village of Williams Bay is at it again. The Board of Zoning Appeals once again sided with neighbors over the actual property owner in a variance appeal. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this, and you can be sure that without changes to their backwards variance ordinances, it won’t be the last. The parcel of land is on the West Bank of Williams Bay, and measures 60 x 541- roughly 400% larger than the other homes in the subdivision. This is a platted parcel with its own tax key number and accompanying $14,000+ tax bill. For 21 years, the owner has paid taxes on this parcel to the tune of roughly $150,000. The owner

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New Lakefront Listing

A new listing this afternoon to let you know about. This is the best location on Geneva Lake, period. Basswood Drive is in Linn Township on the south side of Geneva Lake, just outside of Fontana. There is no better location, and this is one of the best lots on the water. The home is nice, with great views and ample living space. The lot is nearly 3 acres, with 117 feet of level lakefrontage. This is truly an estate setting on a street of estates. Call me now as I guarantee you this listing won’t last the month. Write that down. “David Curry says this listing will be under contract by the end of October“. I’ll be right.

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Lakefront Sale

There’s a lakefront sale and a new lakefront listing to talk about this morning. The lakefront sale involved a listing on Black Point, located on the South Shore of the lake, just East of Majestic ski hill. This property was listed at $4,150,000 and closed for $4,050,000. The buyer negotiated a whopping 2.4% off the list price! I’d like to think I could have done better,

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Lakefront Update

Here’s your weekly update for the Lake Geneva, WI lakefront market. You’re not still trying to get reports from some national sites are you? Still visiting my “competition” online and looking for their reports? Don’t bother, you won’t find any! The lakefront home market on Geneva continues to exhibit all the characteristics of a stable market in soft economic times. Read on, as I’ll disect the lakefront condominium market in this article as well as point out the best deals on the lake. We currently have two lakefront homes pending, with no new contracts accepted in the past three weeks. A sure sign of a strong market is an overall lack of inventory, and boy do we have that here. As of my writing, there are only 20 true lakefront homes available on Geneva Lake. 20! Here’s the complete inventory list that includes pseudo-lakefront like the South Shore Club and Glenwood Springs. The good news for our market and others is that pending home sales are actually up this month, in spite of the stock market volatility.

The hands down best deals on Geneva are

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New Glenwood Springs Listing

I listed the perfect lake home in Glenwood Springs over the weekend. This five bedroom, three bath home is less than eight years old, and boasts a terrific lake view, ridiculous proximity to the lake, and a rare double lot. I understand that the underperforming stock market might be making some of you a little jittery, and that’s understandable. That’s why I don’t want you to buy just any old house in any old neighborhood. Buy location and value in this sort of market. Don’t buy an overpriced home in a blah neighborhood. Superb value in a prime location is exactly what I have here in Glenwood Springs. Consider that there are only three other homes available for sale in Glenwood Springs as of today. Their prices? $2.65MM, $1.475MM,

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Lakefront Update

Three listings to make note of this morning. First, a new listing in Glenwood Springs on the south shore of Geneva Lake. This is a classic old home with a great lakeview and level frontage. Remember, Glenwood Springs owns the 1800′ of common lakefront in that association, so there’s no private frontage with this home. However, the home does have a pier, and it is the first home off the lake so the feeling of a lakefront home is intact, without the lakefront taxes.

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Lakefront Update

I spent last night at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs lay yet another playoff egg. In the event that this entry is angry, cold, bitter, and lacks optimism, you now know why. The lakefront market continues to be the most solid sector of the Walworth County housing market. Properties continue to sell on Geneva, Lauderdale, and Delavan lakes at a stable pace. Price fluctuations have been minimal if they’ve happened at all. Current market inventory is available for Geneva, Lauderdale, and Delavan. The Lauderdale and Delavan links exclude some lessor priced lakefront properties that are available to view by contacting me.

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Loch Vista Club

I just closed on another cottage in the Loch Vista Club today. Closed at $340,000, it represented a great deal for the buyer in this market. It’s strange really. Dozens … Read more

Lakefront Condo Update

The lakefront condo market on Geneva has made it through this period of sluggish sales relatively unscathed. Prices remain stable, and only a slight drop in average sales prices has … Read more

Lakefront Update

The lakefront market as of this morning continues to move along at a nice clip. According to the MLS, and the rumor mill, there aren’t any new contracts this past … Read more

New Fontana Listing

A new listing in Glenwood Springs this morning to let you know about. Listed at $1.25MM, it may be a bit heavy, but on paper, the home is a winner. … Read more

Farmers Market

I spent a few minutes this morning at the Lake Geneva Farmers Market and was quite impressed with the variety and quality of the produce available. I wandered for a … Read more

New Lakefront Listing

There’s a new lakefront listing this afternoon. It’s in Indian Hills, on the south side of Geneva Lake just East of Fontana. Good location, and a pretty nice little house. … Read more

New Lakefront Listing

There’s a new lakefront listing on Geneva Lake today. The home is a renovated lakefront on the bluff in Cedar Point. I’m writing about this today for a reason. It’s … Read more

Lakefront Update

The lakefront market on Geneva continues to have a strong number of sales, good list to sale ratios, and a general lack of inventory right now. There are only 17 … Read more

Labor Day Weekend

I spent this past weekend juggling my own personal desire to spend time on the water, and fulfilling that other desire of mine, making money. So I worked. I worked … Read more

Abbey Ridge

I listed a beautiful two bedroom unit at Abbey Ridge over the weekend. It’s a great unit, backing up to the very private wild flowers and reeds that buffer Abbey … Read more


My apologies to any of you who have to meet with me or speak with me this afternoon. In anticipation of one of my clients looking for real estate in … Read more

New Lakefront Listing

I just listed a fabulous lakefront condominium at Fontana Shores. The views are second to none on this entire lake. Three bedrooms, two full baths, and lake views from the … Read more

Lakefront Update

I was out showing lakefront homes on Geneva this past weekend, and was quite impressed with the continued activity in this market. Man do I love showing lakefront homes. I … Read more

Market Update

The market at Lake Geneva continues to trend upward, with lakefront sales relatively frequent, and most price ranges seeing some modest activity. The price range that remains the most ripe … Read more

The One and Only

I am now, again, the only real estate firm in Williams Bay. Quite a distinction eh? The real estate company that was operating across the street from my office is … Read more

4th of July

What a beautiful 4th of July weekend we just had. Amazing weather, and more people in town than I remember seeing in a long time. If I hadn’t nearly broken … Read more

Market Update

Well, the sales continue to pile up at the lake. Just this week, two more lakefront homes received contracts, and a beautiful home on Linden Lane in Fontana sold. ATTENTION: … Read more

New Vacant Lot Listing

I just listed two of the rarest parcels in all of Walworth County. Two vacant lots in Shore Haven association. These south shore lots are wooded, and have deeded access … Read more

Open House Saturday

I’ll be at an open house in Williams Bay on Saturday, June 21, from 1-3 pm. The home is a classic lake home in Summer Haven with four bedrooms, hardwood … Read more

Market Update

Well, it’s the middle of June, and the same pattern continues at the Lake. Buyers are buying, just not in the numbers that we’d like to see them buying in. … Read more


Happy first day of June. I’m going to be in Abbey Springs this afternoon, holding two units open from 12-2 today. It’s a beautiful sunny day, so there should be … Read more

Memorial Day Weekend

It looks as though the weather is going to cooperate this weekend, and give us one of the very few pleasant Memorial Days in recent years (decades?). I’ll be busy … Read more

Unbuildable Lots

I’ve written about this before, but it’s more relevant now than ever. The issue of platted vacant lots with assigned tax key numbers being labeled as “unbuildable” by local municipalities. … Read more

Highway 50

If you’ve driven on highway 50, north of Williams Bay, this week, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the massive destruction of trees along that road. It’s disgusting really. I live in Geneva … Read more

I’m alive

How embarassing that I find it so hard to write on this site regularly. The market has been quite active over the past 8 weeks, and I’ve personally been quite … Read more

Vista Del Lago Sale

A three bedroom unit at Vista Del Lago closed this week. Asking price was $585k, sale price was $570k. Days on market= 27. Buyers!!! What are you waiting for? Prices … Read more

08 Sales Statistics

A quick study of 2008 YTD sales versus the same period in 2007 was quite revealing, and may point to a bottom in the market. From 12/31/06 to 2/21/07 there … Read more

Hit the Links

If you operate a real estate related blog or website, I’m more than happy to review your site, and odds are I’d probably be more than happy to exchange site … Read more

Market Update

The market appears to be picking up a little over the past couple weeks. A couple properties in Geneva National, a lakefront condominium at Bay Colony, and two homes with … Read more

Happy New Year!

I am officially the worst blogger ever. I just don’t think about it enough, as is evident by the fact that my last post was in August! I’ve been noticing some other real estate blogs that focus on the Lake Geneva area, and I’m a bit disenchanted by them. I thought a blog was supposed to be some insight into the market, not a place to post new listings… I’ll bet I get in trouble for that. Anyway, here’s your market update.

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What a summer!

I’d like to have you believe that I haven’t written on my blog since May because I’ve been too busy selling real estate. That’s not entirely true! Truth is, summer … Read more

Buyers Market? I didn’t think so.

Perception. It’s a powerful word for sure, as our perception of our surroundings, of our relationships, and of our businesses shapes just about every decision we make. One thing is certain though, perception is not always reality. The perception that exists in this current Lake Geneva real estate market is that we are in the midst of a buyers market. A buyers market simply means that there are more sellers than buyers, and that buyers technically should have the upper hand. With existing homesales down 22% in Chicago this quarter, perhaps a buyers market truly exists there. The perception of this real estate agent? Sellers are dictating in this market.

I’ve posed this question to many clients this week. “What is the most important thing you need in order to truly be in a buyers market?”

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An unforgettable Friday afternoon

I grew up on Geneva, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that the water is among the finest quality in all of the country. The clarity and depth, the temperature, and bottom structure, all of these are world class. Knowing this water as intimately as I do, I shouldn’t have been quite as dumbfounded with its’ beauty last Friday afternoon. Last Friday was a glorious day, and in a Spring where glorious days have been few and far between, I took advantage of it by heading out on the water for a couple hours Friday afternoon. The rare combination of the time of year, water temperature, lack of boat traffic, sunshine, and stillness of the water led me on a magical journey unlike anything I’ve ever experienced on Geneva.

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The Unreasonable Village of Williams Bay

Last month I had a real estate deal on a piece of vacant land in Williams Bay fall through. That a deal fell through isn’t newsworthy, rather it’s the reason that the deal fell through. The purchaser of this vacant parcel was required by the village to file for a variance in order to build on this platted parcel of land. The variance was supposed to be a slam dunk, but was denied by the board of zoning appeals. The reason? Because the lot didn’t meet the minimum lot width mandated by village ordinance. The problem here is that this parcel was a pre-platted lot in the village. It wasn’t a lot created by some form of land division, or some other recently created hindrance. Rather, this lot remains exactly the same as it was when the village was laid out roughly a century ago.

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Is it Spring Yet?

I’m watching the weather channel right now and learning of the snow storm heading our way for tomorrow! And just after Al Gore told me that I’ll be burning up … Read more


Welcome to my brand new blog. I believe this blog may be the first of its kind in the Lake Geneva area. I’m going to try to update this daily, … Read more