New Buffalo, you’ve got something on your chin. And on your boots. And your hat. Must be some frozen leftovers from one of your typical mid November snow storms. Stop embarrassing yourself. There’s a calm that November brings to Lake Geneva. The weekend day trippers are gone, and the lake is still. It’s a pity most people only see Geneva on summer weekends, and even then mostly in the afternoon, when the lake is whipped into a frenzy with boats and wave runners ruling the water.

Williams Bay Piers

I wish those people could see this place now. It’s peaceful and gray. I love it. A late fall drive around the lake affords glimpses of the water through vistas that are normally obscured by Oak and Maple trees. You can really get to know the lake during November. It’s accessible, it’s calm. While other lesser (bigger) lakes are churning violently, Geneva rests. You could take all this in if you were here. Come up for a tour around the lake, and I’ll show you what a restful oasis Geneva in the fall can be. If you’ve only been here in the summer, you probably won’t even recognize this place, so get up, get out, and get your hind end up to Lake Geneva. Or you could go to an automotive store, try to find some snow chains, if they even sell those in the Midwest, risk the snowy drive to Harbor Country and realize there’s nothing peaceful about waves like these…

Lake Geneva- 2, Harbor Country-0 (still).

Actual photo of Harbor Country Waves three weeks ago

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