Disclosure and Disclaimers

Disclosure and Disclaimers

I write on this site for the enjoyment of my readers, customers, and my clients. My opinions on this market are unique to me, and the writings that you’ll find on this site are not different from the verbal commentary you’d be privy to if you were my customer or client. I will call on MLS information from time to time to support my claims of value or trending, and while that information is deemed reliable, it may not always be 100% accurate. People make mistakes, and sometimes, I will to. My opinions are not necessarily shared by my broker, or by advertisers or other affiliates. I do have a select few advertisers and link partners on this site. These are businesses or companies that I have cherry picked from the Lake Geneva market because they provide services or goods that I like, and I feel my readers may like. They are unique to the Lake Geneva market.

My broker and I do from time to time get compensated or otherwise patted on the back from my advertisers or link exchange partners. This is no way affects my ability to be honest and open about my opinions and points of view. I chose the advertisers because I like their products or services, they did not choose me because they like my verbose commentary.

The written word on this site is my intellectual property, and reproducing or copying any of the content is frowned upon. I do not discriminate based on any protected or unprotected class of persons, and neither does Geneva Lakefront Realty.

We are a equal housing partner, and feel that everyone, no matter what their situation or affiliation, deserves to be treated fairly, and with respect. Geneva Lakefront Realty LLC is a a Limited Liability Company and a Wisconsin Real Estate broker, and I am a self employed licensed Realtor working under their brokerage. At no time am I providing legal advice or tax advice, you should seek out that advice from your attorney and accountant. My opinions on value are based on pre-agency status, and I am providing only information on opinion. In the case where the listing in focus is listed by my broker, I will acknowledge such a relationship.

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