Lakefront Sale

Lakefront Sale

There’s a lakefront sale and a new lakefront listing to talk about this morning. The lakefront sale involved a listing on Black Point, located on the South Shore of the lake, just East of Majestic ski hill. This property was listed at $4,150,000 and closed for $4,050,000. The buyer negotiated a whopping 2.4% off the list price! I’d like to think I could have done better, but you never know in this market. Stubborn sellers usually dictate the tone of the negotiations. The sale should be more proof of the stability of this market, and also probably raised our 2008 YTD average sales price even with the 2007 YTD sales price.

The new listing is on Hillside Road, which is just to the East of Trinke Estates. The lot is wonderful, with 1.3 acres and 115′ of level frontage. The price for those stats is pretty good as well, a $2.25MM list price. The house isn’t much to look at. The problem however, is in the location. This property runs adjacent to the Robinson Hillside boat launch and park. The boundary is wooded, but there’s still no forgetting that your $2MM+ lakefront home is right next to a boat launch. I’d be more than happy to show it to you so that you can see for yourself and make the call as to whether or not it bothers you. If you’re fine with it, I’m fine with it. The price is discounted as a result of that neighboring property, so you are getting a large amount of frontage for below market price. Yes, even in this market.

Now you’re up to date. Why on earth would you sit around and wait for some agent to email you results on this market via some automated system? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little commentary along with the information? Check this blog daily, or contact me to be updated on any market in Walworth County. I’d love the opportunity to help.

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