New Lakefront Listing

There’s a new lakefront listing on Geneva Lake today. The home is a renovated lakefront on the bluff in Cedar Point. I’m writing about this today for a reason. It’s … Read more

Lakefront Update

The lakefront market on Geneva continues to have a strong number of sales, good list to sale ratios, and a general lack of inventory right now. There are only 17 … Read more

Labor Day Weekend

I spent this past weekend juggling my own personal desire to spend time on the water, and fulfilling that other desire of mine, making money. So I worked. I worked … Read more

Abbey Ridge

I listed a beautiful two bedroom unit at Abbey Ridge over the weekend. It’s a great unit, backing up to the very private wild flowers and reeds that buffer Abbey … Read more


My apologies to any of you who have to meet with me or speak with me this afternoon. In anticipation of one of my clients looking for real estate in … Read more

New Lakefront Listing

I just listed a fabulous lakefront condominium at Fontana Shores. The views are second to none on this entire lake. Three bedrooms, two full baths, and lake views from the … Read more

Lakefront Update

I was out showing lakefront homes on Geneva this past weekend, and was quite impressed with the continued activity in this market. Man do I love showing lakefront homes. I … Read more

Market Update

The market at Lake Geneva continues to trend upward, with lakefront sales relatively frequent, and most price ranges seeing some modest activity. The price range that remains the most ripe … Read more

The One and Only

I am now, again, the only real estate firm in Williams Bay. Quite a distinction eh? The real estate company that was operating across the street from my office is … Read more

4th of July

What a beautiful 4th of July weekend we just had. Amazing weather, and more people in town than I remember seeing in a long time. If I hadn’t nearly broken … Read more

Market Update

Well, the sales continue to pile up at the lake. Just this week, two more lakefront homes received contracts, and a beautiful home on Linden Lane in Fontana sold. ATTENTION: … Read more

New Vacant Lot Listing

I just listed two of the rarest parcels in all of Walworth County. Two vacant lots in Shore Haven association. These south shore lots are wooded, and have deeded access … Read more

Open House Saturday

I’ll be at an open house in Williams Bay on Saturday, June 21, from 1-3 pm. The home is a classic lake home in Summer Haven with four bedrooms, hardwood … Read more

Market Update

Well, it’s the middle of June, and the same pattern continues at the Lake. Buyers are buying, just not in the numbers that we’d like to see them buying in. … Read more


Happy first day of June. I’m going to be in Abbey Springs this afternoon, holding two units open from 12-2 today. It’s a beautiful sunny day, so there should be … Read more

Memorial Day Weekend

It looks as though the weather is going to cooperate this weekend, and give us one of the very few pleasant Memorial Days in recent years (decades?). I’ll be busy … Read more

Unbuildable Lots

I’ve written about this before, but it’s more relevant now than ever. The issue of platted vacant lots with assigned tax key numbers being labeled as “unbuildable” by local municipalities. … Read more

Highway 50

If you’ve driven on highway 50, north of Williams Bay, this week, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the massive destruction of trees along that road. It’s disgusting really. I live in Geneva … Read more

I’m alive

How embarassing that I find it so hard to write on this site regularly. The market has been quite active over the past 8 weeks, and I’ve personally been quite … Read more

Vista Del Lago Sale

A three bedroom unit at Vista Del Lago closed this week. Asking price was $585k, sale price was $570k. Days on market= 27. Buyers!!! What are you waiting for? Prices … Read more

08 Sales Statistics

A quick study of 2008 YTD sales versus the same period in 2007 was quite revealing, and may point to a bottom in the market. From 12/31/06 to 2/21/07 there … Read more

Hit the Links

If you operate a real estate related blog or website, I’m more than happy to review your site, and odds are I’d probably be more than happy to exchange site … Read more

Market Update

The market appears to be picking up a little over the past couple weeks. A couple properties in Geneva National, a lakefront condominium at Bay Colony, and two homes with … Read more

Happy New Year!

I am officially the worst blogger ever. I just don’t think about it enough, as is evident by the fact that my last post was in August! I’ve been noticing some other real estate blogs that focus on the Lake Geneva area, and I’m a bit disenchanted by them. I thought a blog was supposed to be some insight into the market, not a place to post new listings… I’ll bet I get in trouble for that. Anyway, here’s your market update.

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What a summer!

I’d like to have you believe that I haven’t written on my blog since May because I’ve been too busy selling real estate. That’s not entirely true! Truth is, summer … Read more

Buyers Market? I didn’t think so.

Perception. It’s a powerful word for sure, as our perception of our surroundings, of our relationships, and of our businesses shapes just about every decision we make. One thing is certain though, perception is not always reality. The perception that exists in this current Lake Geneva real estate market is that we are in the midst of a buyers market. A buyers market simply means that there are more sellers than buyers, and that buyers technically should have the upper hand. With existing homesales down 22% in Chicago this quarter, perhaps a buyers market truly exists there. The perception of this real estate agent? Sellers are dictating in this market.

I’ve posed this question to many clients this week. “What is the most important thing you need in order to truly be in a buyers market?”

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An unforgettable Friday afternoon

I grew up on Geneva, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that the water is among the finest quality in all of the country. The clarity and depth, the temperature, and bottom structure, all of these are world class. Knowing this water as intimately as I do, I shouldn’t have been quite as dumbfounded with its’ beauty last Friday afternoon. Last Friday was a glorious day, and in a Spring where glorious days have been few and far between, I took advantage of it by heading out on the water for a couple hours Friday afternoon. The rare combination of the time of year, water temperature, lack of boat traffic, sunshine, and stillness of the water led me on a magical journey unlike anything I’ve ever experienced on Geneva.

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The Unreasonable Village of Williams Bay

Last month I had a real estate deal on a piece of vacant land in Williams Bay fall through. That a deal fell through isn’t newsworthy, rather it’s the reason that the deal fell through. The purchaser of this vacant parcel was required by the village to file for a variance in order to build on this platted parcel of land. The variance was supposed to be a slam dunk, but was denied by the board of zoning appeals. The reason? Because the lot didn’t meet the minimum lot width mandated by village ordinance. The problem here is that this parcel was a pre-platted lot in the village. It wasn’t a lot created by some form of land division, or some other recently created hindrance. Rather, this lot remains exactly the same as it was when the village was laid out roughly a century ago.

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Is it Spring Yet?

I’m watching the weather channel right now and learning of the snow storm heading our way for tomorrow! And just after Al Gore told me that I’ll be burning up … Read more


Welcome to my brand new blog. I believe this blog may be the first of its kind in the Lake Geneva area. I’m going to try to update this daily, … Read more