Park Drive Sells

Another week another sale on Geneva Lake. This one of a nice house on Park Drive that I closed for $2,100,000. Let’s learn what this sale shows us about the market.

Woodstone Lake Geneva

Woodstone Sells

Woodstone, prior to last week, was a nice subdivision in Linn Township with mostly architecturally pleasing homes and a delightful little wildflower corridor. Prior to last week, the development was … Read more

Folly Lane Sells

If you’re showing a house on Folly Lane, it’s best to show it in late October.  That’s because the skinny road that makes an abrupt turn towards the lake off … Read more

Black Point Sells

The whole lake is special, we all know that. Every nook and cranny, whether our particular nook or our own favorite cranny, is unique and valuable. Some North Shore dwellers couldn’t … Read more

North Lakeshore Sells

Sometimes, there’s not much to write. There’s a seller and a buyer and they get along and they’re both honorable and they complete a transaction. Sometimes, the house is perfect, … Read more