Ice Is Out

Ice Is Out

I suppose a better person wouldn’t have to do what I have to do. But, alas, it goes something like this:


Today, we must guess. Not for prize, but for pride. Add a comment to this post if you have a good idea as to when ice-out will be complete. For this post, ice out is considered complete when the area between Gage Marine, Cedar Point, Rainbow Point, and Conference Point has all been turned to water. My guess is April 2, but that’s just because I’m pretty certain that’s when it will actually be.

I wrote that here on March 13th. Yesterday, on the day that I proclaimed to be the day the ice would leave, the ice, indeed, left. You could work with a Realtor who lacks that sort of incredible predictive qualities, but why would you? I know if I had a choice of working with someone who could accurately foresee future events I’d likely work with him, or her. I’m guessing other Realtors will now read this and be upset with me for proclaiming this previously unknown prophetic prowess, as they tend to be upset with me whenever I say things like that, or whenever I say anything at all.

It’s a shortened Easter weekend post today. No opining needed. Have a tremendous Holiday weekend and maybe make sure it includes some Lake Geneva time. One client of mine, when I asked him if he was coming up this weekend, said he couldn’t come up, because he had Easter eggs to hide. As a long time aficionado of the Easter Egg Hunt (EEH) I can attest to the regenerative qualities of a hunt that takes place lakeside, as my mother and father (only my mother, really) hid eggs along the shoreline in our front yard from the time any of us can remember and up to, and including, this coming weekend. We have churches in Lake Geneva, too, all sorts of varieties, so there’s really no excuse that we’ll accept if you choose to stay at home in the boring suburbs or worse, the city.

I’ll be out and about, working and playing, churching and egg hiding. Oh, and remember that braggadocios post from earlier this week about how I had lost some weight? Within hours of writing that I tore the calf muscle in my right leg, so perhaps I shouldn’t have said anything. See you at the lake, the newly opened lake, the one that’s just as big and blue and bright as we all remember it.

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