Abbey Springs Market Update

Abbey Springs Market Update

For a little while, I considered buying a vacant lot in Abbey Springs. This was when I played golf often, when my game was strong and my vertebra were aligned nicely. I lived in Geneva National for a spell, but golf course living in GN is nothing like golf course living in Abbey Springs. When I lived in GN, if I wished to play a round of golf, or a few holes of golf, I’d have to drive to the clubhouse, check in, rent a cart, wait for my turn at the first tee, and play. I liked doing this, because this was before I had so many more hobbies than I have now, and with no fishing or sailing tugging at my schedule it seemed perfectly reasonable to while away four or five hours with my shirt tucked into belted khakis.


When this was happening, I longed for the convenience and casual nature of Abbey Springs golf course living. There, you could keep your cart in your garage, and amble on to the course whenever the schedule slotted a wide enough lull. I thought it would be freeing to live this way, without so much scheduling and so many rangers. Offering further enticement was the fact that while I played golf my wife an kids could ride their own cart down to the beach, or over to the clubhouse, or, should I feel family-man-ish, they could join me on the course for a few holes to putt and chip. Such casual inclusion would be frowned upon at Geneva National, but at Abbey Springs things aren’t as formal. I liked the idea quite a bit, but my interest coincided with the peak of the market, so vacant lots were very difficult to come by and when they did present they were priced outside of this Realtor’s pale budget.

Abbey Springs is, by my eye, best known in this market for offering many different varieties of condominium living. They have small condos and large townhomes. They have some condos so small you’d long for the spacious luxury of a Motel6 standard ground level. You’d be forgiven if, after surveying the wide range of the Abbey Springs condominium styles, you assumed the original architects designed the whole lot after an afternoon spent imbibing. There are designs so odd that you’d swear they were built only on a bet. But alas, they were serious and the results were anything but. The styles are unique and varied, and if you’re looking to spend $250k or so and you’d like to be near the lake in an amenity blessed association, Abbey Springs is the answer to your query.

Aside from the condominiums, however, Abbey Springs functions just like a residential lake access community, except one that has loads of amenities. If you’re looking for a single family home, as is a common hunt for current condominium owners who have outgrown their small space, you’ve generally been faced with two distinct options. You could, as the history goes, buy some older, strange house. If the condominiums are unique, some of the single family homes make those condominiums look downright milquetoast. These older variety single family homes are modern without being modern, and they’re generally in some stage of decay, either obvious or subtle. If the homes are not old and strange, others are older and small, as was one I sold last year on Rolling Green to a lovely young family from Lakeview. These are fine if you’re looking for a single family home in line with condominium pricing (single family in Abbey Springs generally starts around $400k), but what if you want something better? What if you want something newer that isn’t weird?

Well, Abbey Springs has you covered there as well. They do new and bold rather well, and they expect you to cough up some serious dough for such a property. If older or weirdish generally costs $650k or less, then new and fancy will run you $900k or more. Thankfully, I’m about to stand in the gap for you and introduce a new offering to the market that will, without any shadow of any doubt, please the Abbey Springs market with a $765k ask on a quality home on a beautiful golf course lot on a perfect street. Look for this listing in the coming weeks, or, if you’d prefer to be the first one to tour it, just let me know. This home is large, it’s high end, and it’s impeccably maintained, which means it’s everything that Abbey Springs homes in this price range generally are not.

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