Well, today it happened. I’ve officially ran out of things to say. Specifically, of things to write. There’s nothing left. After nine years of doing this, the well has run dry. To be honest, it ran dry a long time ago.  The problem is I can only write about the shore path once, maybe twice. I can’t tell you about how great white piers are but perhaps twice per year. I haven’t written about how great white piers are lately, because they’re mostly all stacked on lawns right now. There’s nothing romantic about a pile of pier on a brown lawn.

I could write about the foreclosure market, as I had intended to, but I realized that I’d just write the things I’ve written so many times before. There are a few foreclosures. None are exciting. There aren’t enough to damage the market in any way, and so on and so forth. I was thinking about writing about luxury markets, how some are slowing, but the ones that are slowing are largely doing so because of a glut of overpriced inventory, or new buildings and developments coming online. Then I was going to say that none of that really matters to Lake Geneva because our luxury market is pretty much devoid of speculation. I was going to write that until it felt tired and played, so I didn’t.

I thought about telling you how the lakefront condo market is doing, and when I looked at the market this morning I did see a couple of pending transactions at Geneva Towers and Bay Colony. But what could I say about the condo market that I haven’t already said? The market is okay but not great, maybe it’s the inventory or maybe it’s the demographics or maybe I don’t really know? I’ve already written that, multiple times.

I could go the way of most real estate blogs and write today about some happening or event somewhere that I don’t really care about. I can’t get excited about things that are lame. Free Movie Friday! That’s what some blog somewhere says, and the agent is smiling and there are exclamation markets galore. But I don’t care about that, and I don’t care about exclamation points because I respect your intelligence.

That’s why I didn’t want to write about the lakefront market again. It’s hot, you know that. I know that. Everyone knows that. The new listings that come to market this spring are going to be devoured by the market if they’re priced even remotely right. This is a problem for buyers because competition based on speed is difficult for most. My buyers tend to be deliberate and smart, which are two attributes that don’t go far in a market based on action not contemplation.

I guess I have to apologize for not having anything to say. It’s just one of those days where I don’t feel particularly introspective and I don’t see anything around me that needs discussion. It’s windy, there’s that. Super windy. Like amazingly windy, but who cares? Not me. So I’m not going to write about it.

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