Lake Geneva Market Update

I’m bored with this market. That’s why I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like to. Boredom. But it’s more than boredom, it’s irritation. That’s it, bored irritation. The … Read more

Short The Market

There are many reasons that I’m worse at my job than I otherwise could be. One reason is that I really don’t like working on the weekends. It’s a pretty … Read more


Thinking about buying a home in the islands? Just say no.

Vacation Home Markets

In the good times, underlying market weakness is hard to see. During a crisis, there’s no hiding what makes most vacation home markets weaker than Lake Geneva.

Market Oddities

Once in a while, I look at something other than the Lake Geneva lakefront and lake access market. I look at the market on Other Lakes, Wisconsin.

Lake Geneva Liquidity

Increasingly, I’m a fan of all things Wisconsin. This has been difficult on one of my sporting allegiances. I’ve been a Bears fan since birth, but how can I actively … Read more