Covid was hard on Michigan. Tim Allen wants you to return to normal, while at Lake Geneva we never departed from it.

Mountain Towns

Ski Towns are more popular today than ever before, but will the new owners actually enjoy living full time in a vacation destination?

Lake Geneva Lakefront Homes For Sale

Memorial Day Weekend

During any year, we celebrate this weekend. We celebrate in our remembrance, but we do not confuse meaningful reflection with the absence of celebration. This is a weekend that matters, … Read more


Corona is everywhere and no one should leave their homes. If you do, you might get it, which is to say we’re all going to get it, because without herd … Read more


I took a walk yesterday. The last time I took a walk in the middle of the day was so long ago that I cannot remember it. Of course there … Read more


Why do we even bother giving the days names? I read this in a tweet over the weekend and I thought it was funny. But then I also thought about … Read more


What an odd time to be alive. I’m glad to be alive during it, because the alternative seems worse. I think all of this social distancing and economy destroying is … Read more

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Lake Geneva Quarantine

I’ve been contemplating what, if anything, to write about the current state of things. Things, as a point of fact, are bad. Individually, I’m fine. I have a nice house … Read more