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Well, it’s that time again. The fifteenth issue of Summer Homes For City People is now complete. As is my usual course, I approached this day with equal portions of anxiety and relief. The magazine isn’t as easy to put together as you might think, especially when the majority of my lakefront sales have been completed off market, which means I typically don’t use any of that imagery in the magazine. 100 pages doesn’t seem like a lot until you’re the one responsible to fill them. Even so, I’m proud of the new issue, and I hope you’ll tolerate what I believe to be the most poorly written foreword I’ve ever written. Onward to some bits and pieces about this upcoming weekend.

Williams Bay is still mired in road construction, but the good news is that the thoroughfare is indeed open for the weekend. It’s been a miserable spring for those of us who drive through Wiliams Bay on a daily basis, but there appears to be some light at the end of this dusty, bumpy, slow-moving tunnel.

I was hoping the new version of the Fontana Country Store A/K/A Kringle Company building would be open, but it appears to be anything but. That’s sad. Speaking of construction and things not yet open, don’t speed this weekend. The cops have been ticket happy lately, so when you’re driving around the lake, watch your speed. Your house will still be there when you arrive 45 seconds later than you had hoped.

The Mayflies are something to contend with this year. They’re everywhere around the lake, and you should just try your best to not lose your mind about it. I almost lost my mind about it yesterday, but I recovered and soldiered on. They’ll all be dead soon enough, and in the mean time, just abide. The birds are thankful for them. Also, if they were biting insects, the real estate here would all be free. Better to have some large non-biting insects for a couple of weeks every spring than those nasty no-see-ums that absolutely destroy gatherings in Florida all year around. Just terrible.

Speaking of, did you know the dew point in southern florida is in the mid 70s or higher every single day, from Marchish through Novemberish? That’s gross. Imagine having money and choosing to live in that sweat shop. Gross. When our dew point hits 70 for a week or two this summer everyone will be ornery, but in south Florida, you just change your shirt five times a day and try to stay hydrated.

I sold a few houses last week. Those sales bring my closed volume to just under $36M on the year. The next best performance of an agent in Walworth County is $16M on the year. That’s something, I suppose.

I listed a great lot on the lake yesterday. $5.195M for 321′ of frontage on the south shore. That’ll sell reasonably quickly, I believe. Any interest in a great big lot that would allow for a first floor footprint up to 6400 square feet? If so, let’s chat about it. I have an offer in already but I’m ready to sell it to you or your friends, or just some lady you know who was talking about the lake last week at pilates.

Memorial Day Weekend is seldom a pleasant summer weekend. It’s often cold and dreary, and if that were to be the case I’d remind you that this weekend isn’t summer, it’s just practice for summer. This year, it’s summer. The sun is shining and the temperature promises a delightful range. Let’s enjoy it, but let’s remember what this weekend is about. It’s about honoring those men and women who gave their everything so that we could sit here and worry about road construction and non-biting insects. What a gift we’ve been given, and it was bought and paid for with the lives of those who deserve all of our admiration and respect.

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