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At the Lake, the off-water market lake access market is made up of three very important and distinct sub-markets. There are homes with slips. Homes with views. Homes with proximity. Rarely does a home offer all three, and even though it stands to reason that a home with a view would also offer proximity, the elevation gains around the lake prove this to be an uncommon pairing. In spite of these classes, there is yet another class that falls under proximity: walkability.

I’ve written about this before, and if you’ll remember those words you’ll also remember that I like to use the word stroll in place of walk. Anyone can walk anywhere, my theory goes. With sturdy shoes and electrolytes, walking can take someone pretty much anywhere within their chosen land mass. That’s why I dislike the term walkable as it relates to a vacation home location. If it’s walkable to the lake, what does that mean? A mile is an easy walk. Small children and my parents could do that easily. But a mile is not a walk that anyone wants to take on a Saturday morning while wearing flip flops and carrying a towel slung around their neck. That’s a walk, and what that person wants to do is stroll. Enter 611 Aweogon.

Vaulted Master Suite

Indian Hills is very much a walkable neighborhood at even its furthest southern reach. But the strollable sections of Indian Hills are finite. The market down there, closest to the lakefront park and pier system, is tight, at best. Lakefront homes can sell up to $5MM (I sold one at that level last fall in Indian Hills), and off-water homes have routinely been razed or otherwise renovated and rebuilt over the past decade of tremendous gentrification.

My new listing on Aweogon is frighteningly close to the private association lakefront park. There are two access points for your strolling aim, where you’ll easily find the lakefront within a couple hundred feet of this five bedroom, four bath home. Is this location equally desirable to any location in Indian Hills on the lakefront side of South Lakeshore Drive? Don’t be absurd. The quarantine shouldn’t have made you forget the extreme importance of location at the lake.

Extreme Proximity To The Lakefront Park

Typically, proximity is accompanied by some sort of project. We’ll get you close to the lake, but you’re going to have to sleep in a tent. Or at least with a bucket nearby to catch the rain dripping through the ceiling tile. At Aweogon, what I’m offering here is a turn key lake experience. There is that unique proximity, but also rare separation of living space which is vitally important to the quality of life of the inhabitants. Want the kids to be around for family time, but not super around? Good, because we have a lower level with kitchenette and family room. Want to entertain in the wide-open kitchen/living room? Do it, it’s there for that reason. The fireplace is a nice touch on cold winter days, and abysmal spring ones, too.

There’s a screened porch affording views of the lovely back yard, and a sprawling master suite with vaulted ceilings and private deck. At the lakefront you’ll be delighted to find a life-guard on duty during the summer months, and typically buoys are available (confirm) for your boating pleasure. But the lakefront and the bedrooms and those four baths are distracting us from the one thing that makes Aweogon so unique: that effortless event that is the life affirming, lazy weekend stroll.

$920,000, available now for private, distanced, tours.

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