Wisconsin’s Top Agent

In a market with a whole lot of marketing subterfuge, it’s good to know there’s still a way to calculate the top agent. I’m proud to represent the Lake Geneva market in such a manner than it leads to this level of recognition. I’m also well aware that none of this would be possible without my loyal client base, and for that I’m exceedingly grateful. Top Individual Agent in the State of Wisconsin for the second year in a row, and number 190 in the United States. For context within Wisconsin, the second place agent in Wisconsin totaled around 1/3 of my volume. Not terrible for a kid from Williams Bay.

About the Author

I'm David Curry. I write this blog to educate and entertain those who subscribe to the theory that Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is indeed the center of the real estate universe. When I started selling real estate 27 years ago I did so of a desire to one day dominate the activity in the Lake Geneva vacation home market. With over $800,000,000 in sales since January of 2010, that goal is within reach. If I can help you with your Lake Geneva real estate needs, please consider me at your service. Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s Top Agent”

    • So you would have me not be proud of a unique achievement? This is as quiet as I can be while not pretending that I’m not proud of the hard work that has led me to find this national recognition.

  1. Good for you, David! Happy for your success & your ability to connect with everyone via your free, well-written, researched articles! I’ve always enjoyed, learned, & shared your multiple interesting topics about Lake Geneva & Geneva Lake! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! Well-deserved. I enjoy your blog, and the frank opinions and direct market insights you offer. Too many agents spout the same stuff these days. If you weren’t so bashful you could put a nice big billboard up with your #1 rank. 🙂


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