Gone Fishing

I have never really taken a vacation. I doubt most working people ever have. I leave town, sleep in a different bed, eat breakfast at restaurants, but this is not a vacation. Even so, I try. My son will turn 12 next month, which sounds young to those of you that have older children, but it is, as a point of fact, an old age in comparison to all of his prior ages. He is old, and I am older still. This is why we’ll spend a few days wading through small streams, working on our casts, trying not to spook the trout. We’ll do this for a few days, and I’ll talk on my phone while in that stream, unless it’s one of the streams where my phone won’t work. It’s cute to put out a “Gone Fishing” sign, cuter still if it says “Gone Fishin”, but most of the time those signs are just signs and the people who hung them aren’t really fishing. I will be gone fishing until Saturday, and I’ll do these things while I can, before my boy is too old, before his schedule is too much like mine.

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