There’s an interesting breeze blowing in Lake Geneva today. It stormed the other day. And then it stormed again a day later. And then it stormed a bit more. Once that storm had blown through I went outside and did a little yard work. But then the wind started and it was more like a wind than a breeze so I retreated indoors with my headache and decided that the day was done. Yesterday, the storm returned and then this morning, it blustered and it blew and it poured. I’m sitting at my desk now with the windows open but it’s not really nice outside. It’s just windy, and I’ve decided that I’ve had enough April for this year.

But it’s only the fifth day of the month, and I know I must soldier on. That’s what we do in the spring here, we soldier. We march and we march and then we fight, like soldiers. The pier guys are putting some piers in today, but only the piers that are sheltered from this wind, as if there are any. The wind is swirling, and the curtain that covers the window nearest my desk is all sorts of bothered. The clouds are here again, though tomorrow they’re supposed to be gone. Sunshine, my app says. I don’t know if I believe the app anymore, because AI is writing posts for people and if AI wants me to think it’s going to be sunny tomorrow then that’s what AI is going to do. The machines are learning, just as the 1980s movies foretold.

But I don’t really care about the sunshine, I just care about this wind. It’s April, after all. The wind is no longer useful. My lawn has already been swept by it. The weak trees and weaker limbs have already been culled, if not by the ice storms of this past winter then certainly by the wind storms of this week. There’s nothing left to do except wait. Spring is like that. It’s not enjoyable, outside of that first day when you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. That day is delightful, but the days that come after it are intolerable, and these are those days. Tomorrow I think I’ll be in a better mood, because it’s going to be sunny, or so I’ve been told.

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