Lakefront Construction

Lakefront Construction

<p>For anyone who thinks the entire construction industry is a mess, you need only take a relaxing drive around Geneva Lake to gain a little perspective. I did just that this morning, and counted 13 new lakefront homes under construction, some of which you’ll find photographed here. There are countless more under renovation, and yet still more that have just been completed.   The lakefront market is healthy and active, particularly after another week that saw yet another lakefront home sell (upper $2MM’s asking price). There’s a construction trend on the lakefront, and it’s a trend that I really like.  Obviously the lakefront homes on Geneva vary wildly in architectural pedigree. We have stone castles built in the 1800’s, and stone castles built in 2009.  We have some unfortunate decades of construction, primarily the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, </p>
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but the aesthetically pleasing lakefront homes far outway the dogs. Oh, and I’d “settle” for any one of those dogs if given the chance! Yes, Geneva is a hodge podge of architecture, but that’s what makes the lake so unique. Some of my favorite homes have been designed by my good friend and architect Kelly Frazier and McCormack & Etten. These examples and this construction count leaves out the South Shore Club all together, which would bring the total even higher. These new homes range from relatively modest cottages, to down right palatial mansions. No matter the size or finish, the result is always the same. These owners will now have a retreat on the shores of Geneva Lake that they, and their future generations will thoroughly enjoy.

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There’s been a return to the Shingle style homes that are popular in the Northeast, and I for one am very glad to see that. There are some homes that are incredible examples of tasteful architecture, and others being built, well… not so much. I’ll let you be the judge. I thought you’d enjoy this snapshot of the local construction market, and provide you with the following pictures as tangible proof of the strength of the Lake Geneva housing market. Oh, and contrary to the development issues that plague other states (mainly blue states east of Lake Michigan), not a single home that you’re viewing here is on the open market, which means that this construction is custom, for the sole enjoyment of these lucky owners. Given the propensity of Lake Geneva buyers to crave new construction, chances are these homes are not only wildly solid personal investments, but savvy financial ones as well. If you’ll recall further back into our literary journey, the lack of speculation has largely saved the Geneva lakefront market from volatility that has demolished lesser markets. Enjoy the tour

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