Art in (or by) the Bay

Art in (or by) the Bay

In keeping with Williams Bay’s efforts to confuse and misdirect, in hopes of remaining the most anonymous of the three famed lakeside towns, this weekend Art in the Bay comes to town. Then again, that’s only the name that I found online for this weekend’s event, while the name that I see on signs is Art by the Bay (July 24th and 25th). It’s confusing, but when you consider all of this is coming from a town that plants weeds to cover up the lake, and contemplates spending $2MM on a bike path that won’t be used over, say, replacing or renovating their lakeside “pavilion” that screams 1972 instead of 2010, it all makes sense. So whatever it’s called, it’s this weekend, and it’s actually worth visiting.

Among the throngs of painters showcasing their wares, will hopefully be one Anthony Soskich. European born and Chicago based, Mr. Soskich has some of the best Lake Geneva inspired paintings you’ll ever find. There are lots of paintings out there that owe their make up to Lake Geneva; paintings of boats and piers and front lawns and sunset views. These paintings are glorious, but not all are created equal. If you’d like to find that perfect painting of a Lake Geneva inspired scene, just hunt down Anthony Soskich. If this year is like years past, he’ll be sitting in his booth with fingers crossed, willing you to buy one of his masterful pieces. If he’s not there, well then, I don’t know what to tell you.

As if Williams Bay needed Fontana to embarrass it even more, next weekend Fontana hosts its annual Lobster Boil and Steak Fry (July 301st) at their own intensely manicured lakefront park. Why it’s called a “steak fry” I don’t quite understand, since I think they technically grill the steaks. If they don’t, they should. The only way I want a fried steak is if it’s been pounded thin and breaded. And I want some eggs and hash browns with it and I want it at 7 in the morning, not 7 at night with a side of Lobster. Nonetheless, the event is an annual winner, with live music, kids activities, and loads of water based fun for the whole family. As with most things, Fontana will put on a nice show and you’ll be happy to be there.

The weather last night here was a bit rough, but we avoided any wind damage, and most of the rains went north. Tomorrow promises to be a bit sketchy weather wise, but Sunday looks like a winner. I’ll see you at the lake.

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