The Internet Problem

The Internet Problem

I’m sure you’ve all seen the various real estate websites out there. The Zillow’s, Trulia, Homethinking, Homegain, etc. of the world. They promise to be a one stop shop for consumers seeking to buy or sell real estate nationwide. The problem however, lies in the details. These sites are miserable. They tout out of date information and sell it as present reality. They rely on programming searches to comb the web in search of information, then format it and make it available to the public. The information isn’t right. It’s just not right.

I searched the Homethinking website this morning to see what they had to see about my favorite Realtor, me. I searched 53147, the Lake Geneva zip code, and sure enough, there I was. Here’s what the computers at Homethinking had to say about me. They tell me that my average sales price is around $425,000, which might be pretty close to fact. They tell me that my high sale is $895k, which is strange since I’ve sold myriad homes priced over $895k in my life. They list the homes that I’m currently selling, and estimate that number at about 13. That’s pretty close to reality as well. Here’s where the wheels come off… About 75% of the listings that they have attributed to me are at least a year old. Many of the “current listings” that they say I’m working on are properties that I sold about two years ago. That’s a problem Homethinking.

It’s not just them, either. Zillow is lame and out of date. Trulia is too. Why can they spew misinformation on the comsumer and not be held responsible? Do me a favor and don’t get your real estate information from some automated computer program. Don’t wait for an auto search to send you the available properties. Call me, and I’ll send you everything personalized. Looking for market updates? Look here, and you’ll find accurate updates, updates that change daily. Market trends that materialize for a couple weeks and then fall apart. Just call me already and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Lake Geneva real estate. Even if Homethinking thinks they know better.

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