The Cheesy Benefit of a Recession

The Cheesy Benefit of a Recession

This might be a little left for Mr. Right, but I ran across an interesting post tonight that I wanted to share with you. Some guy who lives in the Middle East, and who, according to his picture online, is a wooden statue of some sort, shares a pretty obvious, yet interesting concept. The concept that an economic and industrial recession is probably pretty darn good for the environment. I’m not as “green” as I should be, and unlike Algore I don’t think the internal combustion engine is the blight of mankind. I don’t drive a giant SUV, not really because I care too much about the planet, but because I can’t really afford the gas. I’m so green I’m even looking into putting a fancy designer wind turbine on my new home in hopes of saving… fine, in hopes of saving some money, but the end result is the same.

This post basically says that people need to cut back, development needs to slow, emmissions need to lesson, and this economic situation is forcing us to do those thing. Let’s leave it at that, because he goes on into some Algoric theory that nature intentionally fabricated this crisis to save us from ourselves. No thanks, I’ll just stick to the part about how walking is better than driving.

Speaking of the article, there was mention of how a whole generation of people haven’t learned how to cook real food. As a self taught foodie, I take exception to that, and as proof, I offer you my latest culinary endeavor. The package arrived at my office today. There it sat. Tempting me to forgo my more pressing concerns and engage in this fascinating pursuit.

I opened the box, with fellow Realtor and lucky momentary office guest Yvette Somerville looking on, more like gazing intently at the Leeners box. Fine, she was confused, but who would immediately guess that a guy unpacking rennet tablets, citric avid, PH test strips, and a big bottle of calcium chloride wasn’t planning something devious. My newfound “toys” are actually needed ingredients and tools to help me conquer the art of cheesemaking. Don’t laugh. I’m going to do it. Why? Because I hate paying $19.99 for a pound wedge of parmesan cheese. Because I get satisfaction out of doing things that others might deem too time consuming (like this blog). Oh, and because I want to save the earth and consume local products all the while using less plastic. Because I’m green, just like our wooden statue friend. Look forward to the post with dazzling pictures of my first successful block of edible cheese. For now, I have to get back to my batch of mozzerella that is now ruined because my new thermometer registered 89 degrees when the actual temperature was 120 degrees. Leeners, you owe me a thermometer.

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