Like My New Haircut?

Like My New Haircut?

I was driving from my office today and saw something so alarming I just had to pull over and snap a picture. What was this robust blue mass bumping against Edgewater Park?

I found Geneva Lake!

It seemed almost liquid, the way the small ripples lapped the shoreline. I got out of my car to take a closer look and sure enough, I found Geneva Lake! Village of Williams Bay eat your heart out. The lake you’ve been trying to shield me from with your disgusting overgrown weeds is visibile once again. Thanks for giving your weeds a haircut. Now we’ll wait and see if anyone on the village board

or on the “beautification” committee will realize that we don’t mind weeds in fields, and forests, and our neighbors lawns. Just pretty please don’t plant them again on purpose at the lakefront.

Hope you like Snow with your turkey!

That pristine lake you’ve been trying to protect our fragile eyes from just might grow on us. Oh, by the way, that picture of beautiful Geneva lake was shot today at around noon. This is what Harbor Country looks like today. Better pack your survival kit!

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