Frozen Pier, Part Two

Frozen Pier, Part Two


The pier is still frozen. More frozen than Wednesday. Office visitors this morning have spared you from further commentary this morning. I’ll thank them for you. For now, consider this pier. Alone. Frozen. Begging to be removed from this grip. This is a Cedar Point Park pier, so if anyone knows why it’s still in, I’d welcome that answer.

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  • Dennis December 14, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Just to let you know, your Not alone in their Frozen Tundra
    The wife and I retired from the North Suburbs of Chicago and came here in 03′ with buying a Small Cottege Hse and rehabbed it for 6 mos and Our other place in Destin , Fla.

    Now, I am the Only Person On my Street to still Be Here..
    And ever since the Wife passed away, no ambition to Go South to Fla. anymore..I let other family members use that place..

    So Guess were Both Stuck here

    Thanks for the Articles

    I can see Housing prices Slowly Recovering on my side of the lake
    But then again, that will also mean Rising Taxes to go with them, I’m sure..

    the Ugly Condo’s? I agree, None of them should have ever been allowed to be built.. Unless Hidden behid alot of Blue Spruce Trees…

    Merry Christmass
    I am going south for a week..
    To Chicago to visit Some family for the Holiday.. then back up here to ride out the Winter.. once more..

  • David Curry Author December 16, 2013 at 8:17 am

    Thanks Dennis. I sure hope you don’t think I feel stuck here! Lake Geneva is the only place I really want to be, both in frozen and thawed times. Winter is long, and I do hate it for some reasons, but few things are better than a blanket and a fire and a football game on a cold Sunday afternoon. Thanks for reading along, David

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