Earth Day

Earth Day

Even if Algore isn’t right, and the earth isn’t about to spontaneously combust, Earth Day is still probably a pretty good thing. As a native of Wisconsin, I could feel special home state pride when Earth Day rolls around on April 22, since the great Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day back in 1970. “Gaylie” as we like to call him in Wisconsin was first a state senator, then governor, then Senator. He pioneered Earth Day, much to the delight of Madison hippies and most of the population of Boulder, Colorado. The fact that Earth Day is a Wisconsin creation is not lost on Lake Geneva, so this weekend, ClearWater Outdoor presents their 3rd annual “Earth Day Tree Planting, Park Clean Up and Kayak Demo”.

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This weekend (April 25 and 26) , which by the way promises to be 80 degrees and sunny according to Tom Skilling, why don’t you make your way over to help the good folks at ClearWater do a little good work at the Big Foot Beach State Park. The park is a beautiful state park located just south of downtown Lake Geneva at 1550 S. Lakeshore Drive. ClearWater, along with Friends of BFBSP have an action packed schedule running from 8 am to 3 pm on Saturday, and from 9 am to 4 pm on Sunday. There will be over 400 trees that need planting, kayak’s that are begging you to demo them for free, a fishing clinic, a beach that needs cleaning up (not Michigan style medical waste clean up, probably more like Wisconsin style pop cans and beer bottle clean up), and a raffle to cap off the weekend festivities. All you need to bring is your entire family and a shovel.

I probably won’t be there, although I do have fond memories of planting those tiny little saplings that we used to get sent home with in Elementary school. You know those saplings- the ones that you plant in your yard only to have your dad or the lawn guy immediately mow over them the following week. No, I’ll be too busy nursing my yet again hurt back (surgery may be in my future) and banging out a double open house Saturday at Abbey Ridge. You, however, you should go plant some trees and if nothing else, demo a cool new kayak for free.

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