Bobby Flay in Wisconsin

Bobby Flay in Wisconsin

Did you catch it? My second favorite TV chef Bobby Flay was in Wisconsin this fall, and I didn’t know it. I’m a failure. He came to the Elegant Farmer and brought his Throwdown crew with him. The Apple Pie Throwdown aired November 20th on the Food Network. He threw down against Wisconsin, and lost. Why is Bobby Flay my second favorite TV chef? Because Mario Batali is my absolute favorite, even though his favorite status is in jeopardy.

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Turns out that Molto Mario has a bit of a judgment problem. His taste in vacation homes has threatened to end the relationship I have with him. He owns a vacation home in Michigan, oddly enough called the “lone bone ranch”. I did not make that up. He should be embarrassed. My manipulation of the public records system is frightening, I know. I’ve stalked him via the USPS to try to talk some sense into him, but it hasn’t worked. I’m planning on paying a visit to his vacation destination of choice, Traverse City, next summer. If I end up making pizza with him in his wood fired pizza oven overlooking that big green lake, I’ll be sure to post pictures. Hopefully I’ll be the skinnier guy in the photos.

That’s one of the nice things about vacationing in Lake Geneva. The orchards that are available are impressive. I’ve spent many a fall weekend in Door County, and they have nothing on us. More bike riding Brewers fans, yes. Better apple orchards? Not a chance. The Elegant Farmer is a wonderful fall option, but it does feel more like a retail store than an interactive orchard. My favorite orchard is Royal Oaks Farm. Just south of Walworth, this orchard has everything an orchard should. Rolling wooded grounds, apple trees, raspberry patches (if you see me eating more than I put in the basket, don’t you dare tell on me) small farm animals for the kids, playground areas, train rides, wagon rides, a restaurant, and apple cider donuts served just out of the fryer. Sounds like a great way to spend a fall afternoon to me.

For now, I’ll turn my attention to Mr. Flay. He gushed about much he liked it in Wisconsin, and he said that after going to Mukwonago! Nothing against you Mukwonago, but you can’t make me wanna go to Mukwonago. If he piled compliments on Wisconsin after visiting there, imagine how much he’ll love Lake Geneva when I sell him a house on the lake. I can see it now. He’ll be sitting lakeside with Ms. Stephanie (his wife), and I’ll probably be sitting there with them. It’d be perfect. It reminds me of the time I thought I was going to sell Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston a vacation home here. Then they went and broke up and ruined my whole game. Mr. Flay, prepare yourself to be overwhelmed by the unrelenting David Curry sales pitch.

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